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We participate in overhaul and maintenance of all components on the main engine from fuel pumps and valves, unit overhaul, bearing replacements, axial vibration damper etc.


We are specialized in the following

  • Replacement of all types of bearings including crosshead guide shoes and moment compensators
  • Polishing or machining of all bearing journals in situ or in a suitable workshop (cross head pins, camshaft and other removable journals)
  • Overhaul of cylinder top covers including all exhaust valve related items, actuators, starting valves, safety valves etc.
  • Overhaul of cylinder liners including removal of stuck liners
  • Replacement or adjustment of camshaft cams and couplings, removal and mounting of entire sections including alignment, polishing of cam surfaces in Situ etc
  • Replacement of chains, chain wheels, guide bars, moment compensators and camshaft drive
  • Overhaul of all fuel related equipment such as pumps, valves, roller guides, reversing cylinders, puncture valves, high pressure pipes etc.
  • Redesign of scav. air casing (below the air cooler) and drain pipes
  • Overhaul of the axial moment compensator
  • Overhaul of cylinder lubricators, injectors etc.
  • Complete dismantling and rebuilding of the entire engine including engine alignment


We corporate fully with any shipyard and specialized companies of your choice.

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