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We supply a 100% mechanical and easy to operate retrofit for replacement of the original pneumatic VIT system on the MC engine fuel pumps.

In order to make balancing of the max. pressure on MC engines as easy as possible and to eliminate future cost of pneumatic parts, we have developed and fabricate a replacement of the original pneumatically part of the VIT system.

Our product is 100% mechanical and is a onetime low cost investment, however, it must be tailor made for each individual engine due to differences in engine size, access and dimensions.

The installation can be made in port stay or at anchorage with crew assistance and will typically take 2-3 days on a 6 cyl. MC engine. (The original system is not removed from the engine and can be re-activated within a few hours during operation)


VIT Retrofit Installation
VIT Retrofit Installation


Fuel Pump VIT Retrofit
Fuel Pump VIT Actuator


The vessel will not be immobilized during the process and no following sea trail is required.

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