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We measure all relevant clearances and timings, chain case inspection, Alpha lub. Angle encoder, Performance, all items according to issued Service Letters etc.     


The following items can be included in our engine check-up.

  • All Main, Crank pin, Cross-head, and Trust bearing clearances including wire check of bearing edges.
  • All timings including Fuel- and Exh. cams, Starting air distributor, Cylinder lubricators, moment compensators and verification of the Flywheel pointer position.
  • Alpha lub. Angle encoder, Flywheel pickups and Index transmitter including adjustment.
  • Chain casing guide bars and chains including tension, counter weights etc.
  • Fuel- and exh. cam surfaces including rollers.
  • Scavenge port inspection.
  • Scavenging air cooler(s), water mist catcher(s), Scav.- and Exh. receiver from inside.  
  • Shaft earthing device and crankshaft deflection (evaluation only). 
  • All mechanical linkages for push rods, fuel rack, VIT actuators etc.
  • Top bracings and tightening tension of all fuel valves.
  • Performance records and analyses (evaluation only) including recommendations.
  • All camshaft fitted bolts and alignment.
  • All items according to issued Service Letters. 


All the above items can be individually selected and more can be added on request. In order to minimize waiting time for turning the engine, we corporate fully with any shipyard or other on-going work on the main engine.  


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